Friday, February 26, 2010

so what??you moron..

so what la kalu dorang x contact ko suda..dui..terang2 ne ba kn cyrill ko appear on9 sma dorang..bukannya dorang send ko apa2 pn..jd kenapala...sial la mo sy yg terhegeh2 pg mnta puji.gete2 pg tnya doranh khabar..fuck la..shit what la klu sy jd forgotten pn sma dorang..bukan dorang ja hidup di dunia n..lala...em..ble hidup jg tanpa dorang..biar la ba..true friends never die kn..but apa la 2 meaning 2 sma dorang..mcm palui xkisah pn..actually memang i feel sad jg la...we were friends before..em..malas nya sy mo ckp ne..memang damnly sad la ba diz...i realy love them as my friends..but seems everyone have their own life suda..tapi saya ja still relying da old life..duh???napa jg im been so dumb ah..trip mo jd loyal person kunun...dui...damnz....yai..malas la ne...benci sy..xda mood suda..nt ja la..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

damn+happy+sad+down=taste of life...

huhu..woke up 3 times diz morning before da rwal life began..7.20,8.30,9.25..haha...dunno y...ahax...sleepy kot...notink much to do diz day..washed da dishes...cleanin a bit of the house...continue downloading songs...fb-ing..gamin sorority life..leveled up again lvl 101 ody...haha...then my tutor called..3pm=lesson begin..huhu...surfin internet searchin for menu-dui..wannabe chef suda o me..ahax...1st mo mask ayam masak merah..but sudah masak ari 2..then mo masak ayam masak kicap la plak..but boring sudah..then finally masak ayam masak madu..huhu..not bad ow..taste so nice..but madu dia x berapa terasa...da curry powder is so strong kot.haha..but still nice..from my point of view la..haha..watching tv..then waiting for 2.30 pm to get ready..sleepy plak..huhu..then...follow my dad pg spot i dealed wif my tutor...get into the car...he drived a bit then me took over..haha...this time it is smoother..haha...ok jg la..xjg brpa teruk..but the best part tutor tuning on music..then at dat time bad romance song by lady gaga was played..haha..while drivin at the same time singing that song..haha...relax wa diz time...chill la a bit..huhu..then i drivved until reached my house..saying goodbye..that's all..huhu...watchin tv...bathing my youngest notty la him ..haha..then fellin a bit down when remember those sleepy..get to my room..playin some really slow in the dark by keri hillsong...candle-hey monday..wut else arh??em...forgot already..huhu..then me fall asleep..woke wanna said double f***..watever..went down..ate watermelon...watched tv..on9..em..i don't feel like wat to talk about the sad part..lazy to be...chao...

p/s: i really wanna sayin those bad words rite geram......


WELL...nothing to be expected when they coming back...em..juz still wondering are they still remembering me??still they consider me as their friend or used to be their friend in the past..em..watevs..malas nak kisah..but i am feeling sad about that though...really sad....


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

50th post... is da 50th post i had posted to my blog since i had created my blog last year(exact date lupa la)..huhu..tonite i am feeling down..i dunno y..i dun see da real reason to be down tonite...i am feeling gloom rite now..huh...fonder??????i think so..that is the only reason that will makes my self turn down...i totally miss them...huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!let bygone be bygone..stop it..cut it off...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

movies i wanted so bad...

there is a lot of movies that hits the cinema right now..ow gosh..i wanna watch them all badly...why here xda cinema ye...ow dammit..gonna miss a lot of movies la are some of the movies that i wanna watch badly...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

it was different...

nothing much changed bout ma life...seriously..i am now fuckin scared ody coz SPM result will announce damn scared..hopefully that i will get a flying colours result...amen...em..lately..wut changed ah??ow ya..i got a text from my drivin tutor..he said that my L is available already..went 2 da drivin institute on thursday..bought da 8 hours lesson coupon..still not yet inform my tutor...l8r will inform like no mood ody coz da progress of gettin a drivin license was so slow ow..really...damn slow...waitin 4 da L to come out was so took about 3 weeks 2 be ready..wut da heck??well...juz forget it...really..i realised that i keep thinkin bout my sux life..huhu..and that strange feelin about thinkin my past in mrsm...thinking what i did wrong in my past..what i had been sinned into..what da expriences that so valuable..that taught me to be real human being...huh!!!!!!!!!if the time machine is so invented...i probably the 1st one grab it and take that opportunity 2 do the right things in the past...but time cannot be set back to the past..God created time is so that human can be more aware,thinking what to do to appreciate time..think a million of times so we do not do the wrong decision that bring us to other consequences that we never expect it to is not so simple as quoted by anybody else.....we cannot be so perfect...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


we were used to be closed da past..tym cuti..textin2 wif her..ym-ing wif mktb pn kmi slalu jmpa..crta2...went 2 bazar 2getha..then got 1 n her like lost connection..we dun used 2 textin each otha' more stuffz we had done before..b4 she goin back 2 mrsm in january..we stil got textin l..but like 1 or 2 texts then hang..juz like that..then me got text ma dude=junior kat mrsm 2..talkin bout stories happen in mrsm especially bout our closed frenz..then he told me that she got new bf she n her previous bf suda broke up.em..happy la jg for her...she gt text me jg yg her currently bf 2 mmg ada bw dy couple dulu but she reject..dunno y..then suddenly me knew tat she in a relationship since yet..she got text me jg la..but that is why diz title name dun reply her text..i ody post bout tat story in ma previous post..huhu..then since n her really lost gt jg texts her wishin her gong xi fa chai..but..x delivered..myB she changed her mobile number so sad la jg..coz dulu both rapat kn..spendin each otha'..emm...told her a lot of stories..then now..entahla..clueless ody me rindu her la jg..then got saw her latest pix..em..tba2 me rasa so bersalah x layan dy dulu..em..wut else can i say..miss her...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY..1st day..

huhu..14th february is is chinese new is valentine many things happen today..but then..i dun celebratin valentine...even..i dun text or wish anyone with valentine wishes..juz like usual..valentine was no-no 4 me coz em..xfeelink la 2 celbrate that..who cares..okay..strght 2 CNY..woke up at 8.00am++ suda kena suruh my uncle cookin fried rice..daa..xbrpa sedap me msk ne kali..haha..x so biasa cookin in large quantity..haha..then at 11 am..go mandi..haha..aiyo so hot la kat kuala penyu ne..haha..havin our lunch, uncle yg chef 2 msk..then ma sis called..haha...homesick..she is crying..ahax..xdpt blk kn..huhu...then watchin with ma cuzzies..lot of movies lorh diz CNY..haha..then at mum asked us to get ready..lalala..wanna go visting ma other hot ow...arrived at 1st house, mum chit chatted wif dat aunt.,,dunno la wut da twin cute..their cheeks were so chubby liao..aiyo..why dun took pix ow..then next haus...juz like 3 mins only many people..then go 2 ma auntie haus me got ma 2nd hong pau late grandma pnya adik..haha..even they oso x celebratin CNY juz like us..but diz is da time 2 meet each otha kn..then next haus..diz is 4th haus ody..feelin exhausted tired ody liao..this tym me follow ma dad pnya krta..b4 diz followed ma uncle pnya car,,huhu,,,then go 2 ma aunt pnya rumah..ahax..shade ody la da cuaca...story2 der wif both of uncle and auntie..then go to ma late grandpa's hong pau..balik rumah..brpa ody haus 2 in 1 petang full plus tired ow..then we ol go mandi..makan lg..then my uncle from kk come ma mum's younger bro came..huhu..that haus became more merrier plus chaotic..huhu..imagine la..there is a bunch of kids under 8 years old..and a few of us aged at da range da da otha cousin x goin home diz tym..ahax..then ma auntie karen gave us hong pau..(luv ya aunt)..haha..then we watched muVs..huhu, pening ma head urus da sleeping place 4 ol of us,,huhu..slept at 1 am ka 2..2 muvS back 2 back..a..penat hong pao around 50-60 la in 1st day..huhu..1st day end...

it was dat feeling again..

stumbled upon a pix.make ma heart grows fonder.but on da other was fuckin bad.i was stranded in da middle of fonderness since da day it was gone.

we said our goodbyes and

that was the phrase that makes ma self goes crazy...WTH????

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

chinese new year liao...the year of the tiger... it is already 3rd day of CNY..huhu..went back 2 keningau diz morning...slightly sad leavin all ma cousins in the kg..huhu..xpa time we'll meet again..huhu..okay now lets me talk bout my CNY 4 diz year..haha..we went back 2 kg on Saturday after lunch..around 2.00++pm like that is so hot..daa..watevs..4get bout da is smooth journey..thanx 2 da God dat grant us a safe journey..arrived at kg around 4pm..nearly 5 pm dat uncle which is my mum elder bro uncle peter..was juz arrived wif his cousin la mum's younger bro..uncle pilyus had arrived earlier than us..ahx..packed ol of our stuffs..well you know..during cny..there is must be a lot of me enter da kitchen..fods..n more foods..n a lot of beverages..half of da of da kitchen was surrounded by our kitchen der is so big..lalaa..huhu..unpack ol of da stuffz//then..went to da livin' wif ma cuz..steve..had a little chit uncle peter brought me 2 da some i'm wAitin 4 my uncle..then i cousin..sis shareen wif her uncle la..enterin da shop..then i try 2 call my cousin whch is her bro..matthew...wanna know wer is he at dat tym..but..cannot contct me spinning ma head around to find him...haha,,he was in the petrol station..haha..i wave 2 him hopefully he realised i was there..its worked...then he called me..asked m when i arrived..then i told my uncle..that uncle meliko was in dat shop..we waitin 4 a couple of mins..huhu...then..they talked 4 a minutes or two...while me...chit chatted with sis shareen..ahax..then..went back 2 home..watchin a bit...then...went 2 shower...aftr that,my uncle said...go 2 my cousin haus...duh????wth...time shows like 9.00pm ody ka 2..then we juz go la my uncle it is da CNY eve..haha,,,lala..then go la...arrvd there...T..DOOR SHUt uncle there ody asleep..drunk ody..ahax..went baxk la..watchin muV wif bout our life..then..we slept la..this wut happen during da CNY eve..

glance of cny

bro,cousin and I at our uncle's haus

1st angpau i guess...

da firecracker...

still..during da CNY eve

3 minutes plus ow da duration..



not beeen bloggin 4 a couple of days..went back 2 my kampung at kuala penyu 2 celebrate chinese new year as my mother side inherits chinese blood so as the tradition..we will celebrate it..even there is no longer the praying session according 2 buddhism in my late grandma haus as ol of them already been converted from buddha 2 christian...if im not mistaken..the last tym the custom praying held in ma haus was back in 2003..i think la..even there is no longer that praying stuffz in ma haus ..we still head back 2 kg every year 2 celebrate chinese new year as my otha' cousin still celebratin thiz...even da siblings of my late grandma n late grandpa still doing da customs...rite..gonna tell you all more bout diz CNY soon in da next tired liao..juz arrived from ma kg diz fuckin tired..huhu..but still it was nice and great CNy..huhu

Friday, February 12, 2010

wut can i say..

anne yg minta upload..haha

when da brat meets da brat=nice quarrel=bitch=bertumbuk la kmu

wallup!!!!!..laz nite was quite post 1 phrase ba kat my title above shown..haha..actlly me juz sent da post 4 suka2 ja ba 2...then sekali si Anne coment on dat stry geng!!!..haha..we chatted story sort of typical bitches yg ada d you think bdk2 mrsm ne bookworm ka smua???yg semua bljr ja 24/7 hours..pls la..ada jg yg msk sana..mmg typical bitch pnya..mnta puji..mcm shit2 ja..but 1 thing yg i realised kn..d MRSM xda plak org yg typical QUEEN we watched in da movie..evry hi'school will has their own QUEEN B..but d MRSM mmg xda la..dunno y..dat is my point of view..myB bdk2 MRSM mmg terdidik pnya org la..some of them..really not..haha..ok...back to dIZ post..both of us really had a wonderful time 2 talk about a group of people in MRSM yg minta puji la..yg term d MRSM..MPO..stands 4 MINTA PUJI ORANG..dui..plz la..but..on the otha' hand..ada jg la yg bitch yg saluted type..haha..coz...dorang ne mmg cool n f xsuka 2 org mmg kna la..haha...then dorang ne mmgg baik la jg..even gaya mcm noTTy kn..yg mcm bitchy2 pnya..but still they r much better then people yg bukan naturally bitch tryin so hard to be a BITCH..gosh..plastic ryt..wut a fake..suda la jd mr n mrs copy cat..plz la..dui...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


huhu..wut else life can be..tryin every single second 2 figure out to overcome my boredom...seems school life is much better..huhu..why i dun hv anotha a job..i wanna hv a job..but i dunno why i am been so dumb NOT 2 grab any vacancies while it is available..cyrill..please..u had a vow 2 yourself!!!!!!!wth???what else can i say..time ticklin so fast...its FEBRUARY ody..then MARCH will shade ma life..da day of my future life destination will lies...SPM RESULT will come freakin scared...huh!!!!!hope i got a flying colours is da time will come that i will be learned to be alredy turned should think like an adult..fade away all away your kids stuffs..let the old memories be bygone....don't care anymore about your so called fosters????they will not be by your side is already come to the end...END cyrill..please...stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are da foolish who still thinking and care about them..but on the other they care about you??do they wish you??do they still in touch with you??....NOOOOOOOO....hence..forget about not care about what?????YOU Live in a LIE 2 been betrayed!okay relax...chill la...apa lg mo sedih2 psl dorang 2..tiada guna ba..dui..cyrill..myself..sedar la...huhu...this is fuck..hell ya..

ages ago..

huhu...its such a long time do not bloggin ya..many things happen n passed by..huhu...well.recently..i stuck wif sore i hate so much sore throat..then..went to do clinic..the doctor said my throat a.k.a tonsil(forgot ody wut its specific name..huhu) is colour in red..lala..then..he prescriped me with some of da medicine..will post it later..huhu..then flu stuck..wth???i juz wnna get rid of the soreness then flu struck..a bad flu..dammit..really can't sleep well that nite..but hey..da medicines are doinng soreness bygone in a fster time..but still da bad flu still with me..until now..but i feel much better connected with some of ma oldfrenz..really happy..n da bez part is..we got a same hatred of a lady that we talk shit a lot of diz gurl..haha..bru dy tw..ahax..btw..CNY is juz around da corner..huhu..shopink is marked but still ma hair is not yet done..dun hv time 2 go to da shop 2 buy da hair colourer..still need 2 rely wif da stupid hair spray..well..i hope tomorro i got chance 2 go..still need 2 buy gift for my of them already belated birthday...da otha'one will be comin 15 diz 27th..need 2 buy earlier coz at dat tym she myb at mrsm so no ideas how 2 give buy early..pass it with my frenz 2 give it 2 spm result will come out soon..i'm my result gonna be??hope i passed with flying colours..dup..dap..i can feel ma heartbeat beating faster as da adrenaline flowing smoothly as my fear took over....wish me best of luck..pray 2 da Go..hope He will grant me His blessed..huhu...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

03rd february

lala...i woke up today...6.40 am...huhu..wth wrong wif me??haha..nvr a lot of stuffs to do bgn..rendam baju yg me beli klmrn..mop lantai..haha..wash ol of dishes...washed ma brand new clothes(still next post la aq post ye)..haha..huhu..then took ma laptop...trs prepare brg nak bt brkfst..thiz is da funniest part..i planned since laz nite dat i wanted 2 make excited la ne.._kunun bt la ne mixture dy suda..kluar semua brg2 ba..butter..kaya..choc syrup..choc lg ah??then aq heat choc bar dgn butter as i ever saw in da Nigella Feast show..haha..kinda menjadi la..then mo bt 2 adunan dy pn 1st tym ja la mcm besa..ikut instinct aq la cmna nak bt bnda ne..duh...masuk la dlm adunan 2..melted choc + butter..choc syrup..susu pekat..lala..mix2 it..ready da pan..then pur it..SHIT..itz not expand as da usual pancakes do!!!!..then me gt new idea...juz pour it all together..n see wut happen..sekali...after keluarkn 'pancakes' aq 2 dr taste dy ne..hilang ba apppetite trs..haha..dahla..banyak benda nak cuci..xpa..take it as a lesson..then aq continue on9 smbl dgr kat tv kat keningau ne xdpt broadcast die..sabo2 je la..haha...klu tym dulu kat mrsm 2..awal pagi suda membuka hitz..haha..then JJ & EAN( morning crew)did announced 4 da Oscar surfing da internet 4 further got many nominations diz tym..da bad blm lg tgk ne avatar film..shit..mna la mo tgk moVs ne kat kgu..kgu bukannya ada cinema..f kat KK ne..d MRSM..weekend sewa kereta swa pg tgk..oops...busted..biarla..old bad..ahax..xpa la..nt beli disc dia ja..haha...then me doin some chores 4 da noon side..haha..pas2 me tgk tv..havin ma lunch la..watchin again..then ma mum town!!!..wanna hv ma new haircut..4 CNY lor..wuo you liang zhai look ma nt tym CNY..haha..duh..broken eh..rosak suda ma pinyin..haha..xpa nt bljr hairstylist was superb..haha..but i'll x show ma new hair until i gt ma new hair colour..haha..wait la mmg nak dye ma hair 4 diz CNY..haha...4get it..blk rumah..its so hot la kat panas..huh?..mati la ne..hotam..haha(talkin lyk a bitch) sleepy la me..haha..ody found dat 3oh!3's song..huhu..nice...okla..nt me post lg ye...xtw da pa mo tulis ne..

p/s: got ody to do list 4 me tomorow..:wipe da main windows...huh?*sigh*..haha.

wut da hell??

haha..i found diz ma frenz of mine pnya fb..sial....dunno y...kima2 dy yg sy ckp ne...haha..bila found dy pnya fb..he said..bila lg mo pg clubbin???...shit..mcm sy ne kaki clubbin...haha..xpa jwb nt he said lg sy tunggu kw ah..kita hentam semua club 1 mlm..haha...sial..mati jg kn..haha..xpa..dy spend..haha

february opening!!

huh??yesterday was 2nd 0f feb ody went 2 kk wif ma mum wanna collect her tesis at woke up at 5.30 am..omg.......lama suda xbgn awal mcm 2 tw..awal gila 2...last bangun mcm 2 bila ah..tym 1st day spm ka??coz tym spm pn bgn jam 6..haha..gila ow..rindu skul ow..trs pg mnD..msi lg kental mnD awal pagi...5thn geng mnD jam 5...haha..pas2..redy2..msk bas station..naik bas jam 7..haha....otw 2..boring gila..nsb bek gt ma hp..dgr2 lagu..pas2 tym ikt jalan lama papr.teringat tym skul dlu naik teksi..ikt jalan ne..bila dkt kawang dkt suda simpang mrsm yg kat blkg 2..trs bila lalu..huhu..rindu nya..lepas suda simpang..mcm jalan g cuc suda...haha..lalu monfort...lalu pekan kinarut..tmpt aq membeli-belah tym skul dlu lps dr cuc..haha..pas2 lalu pg st.augustine..rindu nya aq..smp kat stesen..brkfst dlu kat gaya street...pas2 naik teksi pg kingfisher..then lepas ambl tesis mum aq..nak balik bandar kk..cr2 teksi ne xda plak..naaa..berjalan kaki aq dgn mum aq pg jalan raya lest aq exercise jg la..haha...naik bas..turun kat segama wisma merdeka..tong's mari..nak shopink jap..1st stop..oreef la..haha..nak cr kemeja oreef kali ne utk CNY..xjmpa la..kmpa baju lain..cantik..then ma mum said msT cr baju merah utk pnya cr..mmg pg BUM jg..ada yg smat..sekali...xda ada beli jg la kat BUM..sekali jln2 pnya jln..jmpa la baju 2..ok nt next post aq attach pic baju2 2 ye..berjemur skrh baju 2..haha...then kat milimewa..mum aq nak beli limau padang merdeka..naik bas jam 1..haha.mengantuk aq..dahla ada org nt kecoh td..em..mal aq mo melayan..smpai kat keningau almost jam 4..pas2..wait 4 ma dad..blk ol of stuffz..jam 9 aq tdo dah..penat..

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