Friday, January 22, 2010


lala..i started day early i mentioned in ma previous post., goes on..wer i need 2 start??..ok..i got many works 2 do diz mornin..haha..aftr doin ol of da haus chores..i straight away 2 on9..haha..many new things 2 be xplored today..i found a video in youtube that was really touched me..da late yasmin ahmads' is so meaningful.haha..ok..lets move on..had luch today..special jg mum had bought meat i dun eat those things 4 long tym..really enjoyin it..haha..the..afternoon..borinkk.nutink 2 do unless hear music n watchin tv..thren at 3pm...plus2 la..i went 2 ma room 2 take a nap..duh..nap??shit la...haha..jam 5 bru me bgn diz.haha..bkn nap da mum asked me to help her wash her car..then i go la..astga..4got i mentioned here..diz my frenz..text me..she said..lalz..u sumbunk ody now ah..duh??still..i dun reply her text..dunno la..sakit hati ow evening..still nutink 2 dad watched his favz channels..sports..okla..australian open..sekali..players yg me xmood mo tgk.then me 2 my room..entah btpa stupid ow diz evening..i dun do my work-outs..tmbh gemuk la me lyk diz..duh..then my dad pn watchin ol of da so boring ow..duh..i am watchin electra muV..gotta luv jennifer garner...then he took da controller from pissed o me dat pg kitchen..peduli la..masak me mlm2..after brpa malam suda x msk noodles wif ma own dinner leave over gna la..dr wasted g2 ja..da result..brilliant..xmenghampakan maself..aftr went 2 ma room dgr lagu..n readin mag..sudah bca..but stil da story still attractive..2nd edition 4 august 2009..haha...bla.then i heard my dad msk bilik dy mo sleep ody him..then me 2run bwh..watchin..duh..xmood..on9 la story 4 22nd jan..even got some stories i dun tell here..biar la ye..haha
bufday gurl..hazel..sweet 18th..muda masi kn kta..haha

this eir who had helped me 2 decorate my blog..thanx eir

credit 2 irneza zaihan all my dear readers view..i had a new layout..da person dat in charge of diz is IRNEZA ZAIHAN JUPRY..thank you cntk datz ol..thankQ..btw..hazel is 18th today...happy bufday hazel..may god bless you always..huhu


it is 7.55 am gud mornin.diz is da earliest time i woke up so lil'bro didn't goes 2 skul..bcoz he got he staying at woke earlier than usual bcoz t 7am..he ody sit down in front of da tv..stuck with is still cold here..feelin lyk wanna tuck in ma bed under da blanket and coz i can't do dat..i got may to-do's today..bla2...i got that wire 2 be our RO water it is useless anymore coz my mum had bought new water sysytem 2 our house..which is dr.sukida..haha..watever....daa..wut else wanna is still early in da morn..haha..l8r on..i'll be wrote hut happen 2 me on diz particular day

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