Thursday, February 18, 2010


we were used to be closed da past..tym cuti..textin2 wif her..ym-ing wif mktb pn kmi slalu jmpa..crta2...went 2 bazar 2getha..then got 1 n her like lost connection..we dun used 2 textin each otha' more stuffz we had done before..b4 she goin back 2 mrsm in january..we stil got textin l..but like 1 or 2 texts then hang..juz like that..then me got text ma dude=junior kat mrsm 2..talkin bout stories happen in mrsm especially bout our closed frenz..then he told me that she got new bf she n her previous bf suda broke up.em..happy la jg for her...she gt text me jg yg her currently bf 2 mmg ada bw dy couple dulu but she reject..dunno y..then suddenly me knew tat she in a relationship since yet..she got text me jg la..but that is why diz title name dun reply her text..i ody post bout tat story in ma previous post..huhu..then since n her really lost gt jg texts her wishin her gong xi fa chai..but..x delivered..myB she changed her mobile number so sad la jg..coz dulu both rapat kn..spendin each otha'..emm...told her a lot of stories..then now..entahla..clueless ody me rindu her la jg..then got saw her latest pix..em..tba2 me rasa so bersalah x layan dy dulu..em..wut else can i say..miss her...

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