Thursday, February 11, 2010

ages ago..

huhu...its such a long time do not bloggin ya..many things happen n passed by..huhu...well.recently..i stuck wif sore i hate so much sore throat..then..went to do clinic..the doctor said my throat a.k.a tonsil(forgot ody wut its specific name..huhu) is colour in red..lala..then..he prescriped me with some of da medicine..will post it later..huhu..then flu stuck..wth???i juz wnna get rid of the soreness then flu struck..a bad flu..dammit..really can't sleep well that nite..but hey..da medicines are doinng soreness bygone in a fster time..but still da bad flu still with me..until now..but i feel much better connected with some of ma oldfrenz..really happy..n da bez part is..we got a same hatred of a lady that we talk shit a lot of diz gurl..haha..bru dy tw..ahax..btw..CNY is juz around da corner..huhu..shopink is marked but still ma hair is not yet done..dun hv time 2 go to da shop 2 buy da hair colourer..still need 2 rely wif da stupid hair spray..well..i hope tomorro i got chance 2 go..still need 2 buy gift for my of them already belated birthday...da otha'one will be comin 15 diz 27th..need 2 buy earlier coz at dat tym she myb at mrsm so no ideas how 2 give buy early..pass it with my frenz 2 give it 2 spm result will come out soon..i'm my result gonna be??hope i passed with flying colours..dup..dap..i can feel ma heartbeat beating faster as da adrenaline flowing smoothly as my fear took over....wish me best of luck..pray 2 da Go..hope He will grant me His blessed..huhu...

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