Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY..1st day..

huhu..14th february is is chinese new is valentine many things happen today..but then..i dun celebratin valentine...even..i dun text or wish anyone with valentine wishes..juz like usual..valentine was no-no 4 me coz em..xfeelink la 2 celbrate that..who cares..okay..strght 2 CNY..woke up at 8.00am++ suda kena suruh my uncle cookin fried rice..daa..xbrpa sedap me msk ne kali..haha..x so biasa cookin in large quantity..haha..then at 11 am..go mandi..haha..aiyo so hot la kat kuala penyu ne..haha..havin our lunch, uncle yg chef 2 msk..then ma sis called..haha...homesick..she is crying..ahax..xdpt blk kn..huhu...then watchin with ma cuzzies..lot of movies lorh diz CNY..haha..then at mum asked us to get ready..lalala..wanna go visting ma other hot ow...arrived at 1st house, mum chit chatted wif dat aunt.,,dunno la wut da twin cute..their cheeks were so chubby liao..aiyo..why dun took pix ow..then next haus...juz like 3 mins only many people..then go 2 ma auntie haus me got ma 2nd hong pau late grandma pnya adik..haha..even they oso x celebratin CNY juz like us..but diz is da time 2 meet each otha kn..then next haus..diz is 4th haus ody..feelin exhausted tired ody liao..this tym me follow ma dad pnya krta..b4 diz followed ma uncle pnya car,,huhu,,,then go 2 ma aunt pnya rumah..ahax..shade ody la da cuaca...story2 der wif both of uncle and auntie..then go to ma late grandpa's hong pau..balik rumah..brpa ody haus 2 in 1 petang full plus tired ow..then we ol go mandi..makan lg..then my uncle from kk come ma mum's younger bro came..huhu..that haus became more merrier plus chaotic..huhu..imagine la..there is a bunch of kids under 8 years old..and a few of us aged at da range da da otha cousin x goin home diz tym..ahax..then ma auntie karen gave us hong pau..(luv ya aunt)..haha..then we watched muVs..huhu, pening ma head urus da sleeping place 4 ol of us,,huhu..slept at 1 am ka 2..2 muvS back 2 back..a..penat hong pao around 50-60 la in 1st day..huhu..1st day end...

it was dat feeling again..

stumbled upon a pix.make ma heart grows fonder.but on da other was fuckin bad.i was stranded in da middle of fonderness since da day it was gone.

we said our goodbyes and

that was the phrase that makes ma self goes crazy...WTH????