Sunday, October 31, 2010

this is I want

is this the want i've been seeking for?

i want DSLR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the sunset

stand alone..

well...em.hye,*no idea how to start this entry* goes by as its shown..nothing much really this new stuffs..boring as it is..lame as it feels, sucks as I can see..haha..
lalalal..dunno what to say..ok.. these are my words:

went to KK..bought a new pair of la jg..ahax..quite ok..the went to suria...jalan2..padahal suria 2 mcm boring ne..xda pa2 pn..adess..penat jax berjalan..pas2 go 2 1B with my father long lost friend..but wait before kami smp 1b kn..dorang mw bergmbr dlu..i mean dorang mw snap pic of them ada DSLR..jealous ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..huhu..i want one of like that..DSLR u will be and already be in my wish ow sunset d sabah kn..bukan la bru sy sedar but really smart ow..yg penting penat berjalan klmrn..wtF..haha

ow gosh..exam result will be announced takut ow..hopefully i'll get gempak pnya rsult..amin..*pray harder cyrill!! May God bless me..huhu...