Wednesday, March 31, 2010

goes on..dilemma..

as usual is my last hour of driving kn time tunggu my tutor 2 pick me up sittin down 2 satu bench diz..terus..ada la 2 mamas ne wif their kids sittin next to me..they are talkin..i had no idea wut 2 they talkin diz 1 of the mums is holding a cup of water..ala..cmna arg..yang drinking water but bukan dlm bottle but dlm satu tmpt yg mcm cup 2..then a sheet of plastic is covered its upper it??huhu.then ba..she was holding that after her daughter is no longer want that..then she threw it away straight to da drain..but..did u noe..the dustbin is provided and the dustbin is not far..less than 30seconds 2 go and return..dui ba..xda kesedaran btl la mo they are not ble tw la kn..em..bahasa dorang 2 pn entah bahasa pa..astga..dui as a sabahan..terasa la ba kn..buang smpah gitu ja..btl la ba..2 dustbin bkn nya jauh pn..huh./.wat to do..ok next..haha..went to litar..bljr bukit..haha..lawak..2 kali me turun blk..x ckp kuat mo naik..haha..but ok la jg..ahax..then gone home..ahax..lalala..notink to do..diz nite is fun..had chit-chatted a lot of la jg..ym-ing with miss sukma..we are talkin no crap..we talkin some adult stuffs..matured huh?? wanna cut hair ba ne..long ody..xtahan dun prefer long hair as me ssh mo kc style.haha..dui..ahax..entah la..such in then..

Monday, March 29, 2010

raining,,, a Bless from God

it is raining here... is raining right it gonna be the whole afternoon the rain is pouring,,thanks be to God.that He grant us with this blessed..after a long time the rain doesn't nice..i had my nap tadi..haha..sejuk2 best2..klu d dorm ne..dui..confirm prep petang x aq pg..haha...then td my mum juz went home from her meeting..she bought karipap..i2 ja aq nmpk..ptg2 ne..sejuk2 lae..mkn2 kuih..minum hot choc..or hot milo..sedapp...enjoy..hahaha..ptg2 klu hujan time d mrsm..haha..prep petang xpg..klu pg pn..bkn study,,haha..men2..enjoyin the rain..klu rmi org turum la jg..bez jg ow..riadah tym2 hujan..dui..lama suda x pg dtg gila..lepas lunch ja..jam 2 g2..hujan2 suda..tidur the whole afternoon smp jam 6 pn blh..haha..duh???astaga...haha,,bez ow...ahax..huhu,..menyingkap semula cerita2 lama d many great things happen there..huh??u juz miss it..ahax...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

new post..

wow..long time din post many things happen..continue my driving lesson..draws 2 end..huhu..went back to my school..mrsm kota kinabalu..visited a lot of frenz and teachers...accompany my friend irneza zaihan..haha..hv fun that time..totally have fun ow..ahax..nt next post me cer ok..haha..wut to say went to drive again..4pm suda..ptg tutor pn looks exhausted..then me terus fikir..he penat suda..msT dia bad mood 2..em..btl ne..petang suda da last person he can noe la kn..petang ba 2 suda..haha..learned parking today..ahax..ok la..sama buat latihan 3 penjuru..can do my friends and bros..huhu

Saturday, March 20, 2010

long time suda ne..

wow..long time suda ne sy xbloggin..haha..many things happen(banyak meh??)
haha..diz school break is sucks..haha..mcm la sy ne masih in school life..cuti ja sy 3 bulan suda..haha..i said it so coz didn't went anywer diz hols..quite boring la..buka skul bru sy driving license is still x yet ow..lama suda ne..4bulan suda..lama gila ow..bukan la apa kn sy mo ckp..kwn2 sy yg len dpt suda...yg sma2 bengkel pn ada suda lesen..baru la ne..aiya..mcm terlampau ramai ba org my tutor jg sy ckp..but u noe la kn cmna segan la ba jg kn..dui~~~~..haha..many times i felt down because of the same reason..never changed-huh..upset o me is so beautiful..many things in our life are so wonderful to be explored and of luck 2 me so that i can enrol in the best university and pursue my dream and ambition..amen...

Monday, March 15, 2010

journey of me..

long time x blogging...many things happen surrounding me...from spm to everyday life..
my spm result was announced..em..quite ok la...dun want to talk bout is school mid sem break rite now..for those r still in school la...em..wut to say...haha..quite banyak berjalan jg la kali jg la..then i had dreamed sumthing dat is really's out..then banyak la 2 MORON2 yg annoying on9..benci saya...haha...damn...nt la me talk lg posy\t...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

freaking out.terrifying

omg..tomoroow will be 11th march scared...bloggin at this time surely relieve a bit my tension...i am totally scared be honest..spm!!!!!!many people said SPM is most important as it will decide you which path are you heading to...ow...argh...stress...the ecpectations from my family is too high..i can feel it...studying in boarding school will give you a higher expecattaions from your surrounding..i do not say that studying in regular schools are not..but from my point of view as a student.i am studying in boarding i can feel their hopes towrds me are really high..and they expect me to be the best and get a flying colours result...huh!i scared that i can't fulfill the expectations..even the teachers are giving their hopes to us..even the do not want to be insulted by society.."h was studied in boarding school..but result..average ja".ooow i dun want to be like that..dammit..why now i realised all of these stuffz...ow..forgot it..there is no time to regret..the result will be announced in less than 12 hours..all the best for me..hope God will grant me peace and that i can further my study and be an excellent person and contributes to my family.religion and nation..amen...welll.lots of luck..amen..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

freaking out.terrifying

SPM mo kuar suda...
11th march 2010..
bersamaan hari khamis..
mati la ne..
i'm scared ow..
cmna la my result tu nt ah...
hrp2 bgs la..
probz lg skrg..
aq xtw mo pg mna pasni...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

watchin tv??

i had watched a brand new show juz was of is a reality tv show about a talented young designer who wanna be a fabulous and success designer..well indeed the designs of her clothing line is so fresh and superb..and it is inspires me to be a succeed person just like her...

so this is jazmin..

jazmin and her family plus her bff

jazmin again... is jazmin with her tv show..

moving on..

nothing much happen went to driving lesson again..better la..much better than the previous one..ahax....ok suda la me practice lg...ahax..bought ice cream shake today...choc marh..sedap..cravin' 4 it..haha..tiba2 pula..lately the weather is too hot...can't stand it..baru dua hari jalan pn can cpot the difference on my like wut care bout skin..haha..yup!really wanna grab sunblock..prevent the uv ray to penetrate more and protect me from harmful rays..well you know..pollution is so surround us right now..haha..woah..wut else wanna is so meaningful..lala...dup dap dup dap....really know why jg kn..hope all the best for me..amen..

Monday, March 1, 2010


huh...woke up at 8 am..but then me turun bwh..sambung tidur d couch...haha..then woke up..doing a lil'bit haus chores(as usual)...on9 then..called ma mum see if she can pick me up to pekan...nope..her car in workshop...then..took my shower..clothes-on...go to the main board bus...huh!!!!!!panas...can't stand it...arrived at kedai..almost 11 am...waitin 4 like tutor picked me lesson was so a couple of times mati enjin at round about..huhu..practice makes perfect..then done driving lesson...texted olga if she olredy had her luch or not..then i said i wanna treat fulfill my janji with her la..then went to honey sweet chicken rice..both of us ordered spagheti bolognaise...ate..chit-chateed with her..she went back to the barber to cut my hair..then done..almost 2pm ody...called my friend jourdan if she arrived ody or not...walked to him n his choral speaking team..taught them a bit...done around 4.30pm++..then we went to night market..bought a drink...huhu..said our goodbyes..met up with mrsm practical counsellor last year...huhu...jump on a bus...head home..tired tired..fuckin tired..nap a while..took my shower..on9..think like wanna take early n good sleep..chao..

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