Tuesday, February 16, 2010

chinese new year liao...the year of the tiger...

well..now it is already 3rd day of CNY..huhu..went back 2 keningau diz morning...slightly sad leavin all ma cousins in the kg..huhu..xpa la..next time we'll meet again..huhu..okay now lets me talk bout my CNY 4 diz year..haha..we went back 2 kg on Saturday after lunch..around 2.00++pm like that la..ahax..it is so hot..daa..watevs..4get bout da weather..then..it is smooth journey..thanx 2 da God dat grant us a safe journey..arrived at kg around 4pm..nearly 5 pm ody..at dat tym..my uncle which is my mum elder bro uncle peter..was juz arrived wif his fam..my cousin la 2...my mum's younger bro..uncle pilyus had arrived earlier than us..ahx..packed ol of our stuffs..well you know..during cny..there is must be a lot of foods..walla..as me enter da kitchen..fods..n more foods..n a lot of beverages..half of da kitchen..no...1/3 of da kitchen was surrounded by foods..as our kitchen der is so big..lalaa..huhu..unpack ol of da stuffz//then..went to da livin' room..meet wif ma cuz..steve..had a little chit chat..then..my uncle peter brought me 2 da shops..buy some stuffs..as i'm wAitin 4 my uncle..then i saw..my cousin..sis shareen wif her dad..my uncle la..enterin da shop..then i try 2 call my cousin whch is her bro..matthew...wanna know wer is he at dat tym..but..cannot contct him..so me spinning ma head around to find him...haha,,he was in the petrol station..haha..i wave 2 him hopefully he realised i was there..its worked...then he called me..asked m when i arrived..then i told my uncle..that uncle meliko was in dat shop..we waitin 4 a couple of mins..huhu...then..they talked 4 a minutes or two...while me...chit chatted with sis shareen..ahax..then..went back 2 home..watchin a bit...then...went 2 shower...aftr that,my uncle said...go 2 my cousin haus...duh????wth...time shows like 9.00pm ody ka 2..then we juz go la my uncle said..as it is da CNY eve..haha,,,lala..then go la...arrvd there...T..DOOR SHUt HAHA...my uncle there ody asleep..drunk ody..ahax..went baxk la..watchin muV wif cousins..talk bout our life..then..we slept la..this wut happen during da CNY eve..

glance of cny

bro,cousin and I at our uncle's haus

1st angpau i guess...

da firecracker...

still..during da CNY eve

3 minutes plus ow da duration..



not beeen bloggin 4 a couple of days..went back 2 my kampung at kuala penyu 2 celebrate chinese new year as my mother side inherits chinese blood so as the tradition..we will celebrate it..even there is no longer the praying session according 2 buddhism in my late grandma haus as ol of them already been converted from buddha 2 christian...if im not mistaken..the last tym the custom praying held in ma haus was back in 2003..i think la..even there is no longer that praying stuffz in ma haus ..we still head back 2 kg every year 2 celebrate chinese new year as my otha' cousin still celebratin thiz...even da siblings of my late grandma n late grandpa still doing da customs...rite..gonna tell you all more bout diz CNY soon in da next blog..so tired liao..juz arrived from ma kg diz noon..so fuckin tired..huhu..but still it was nice and great CNy..huhu

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