Friday, December 31, 2010


wrapping up 2010

it will be 2011 in few more hours!!!!!!!!!!
fuh!! 2010 is a year that changes my life so much...
is it?? guess so
2010 in a glance:
its my 1st year after high school
high school was over
SPM result was out
enrolled into one of the high learning institutions in Malaysia
i got my drving license
experienced many new experiences
met many beautiful and nice people
made a lot of tough decisions
i knew better about Christ..praise be to Lord..
learned many new things
landed on the course that i never think of to take..
brothers!!!!!!!!!!!i miss you..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

good luck to all PMR candidates 2010

tomorrow is the big day yet not a dooms day
ggod luck to mrsm kota kinabalu PMR candidates 2010
hope you all will get a flying colours result!!!!!!!!!!
make our maktab proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
especially to jamie, nathan, easleey, farelle, and the rest of you
good luck ok..dun b too nrvous..pray hard..sleep well..!!:))

Monday, December 20, 2010


I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! kptm please be considerate please..we want to go shoping..we want to buy books, we want to pay a lot of things..ow duh..we jolly2 nt tym christmas..ow..i noe these are bad reasons but u'ol can see my pont

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s just 5 more days before im heading back 2 Sabah.2 celebrate christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY..can't wait..mood mw pg kelas pn hilang2 suda is the beginning of the 4rd advent..a week before Christmas..i went to the church today..and praise to the God that i'm be a ble to do my confession is such a blessing for me..huhu...before going back, there is a lot of stuffs too be settled..ASsIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plus...ALLOWANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!please la my guest of honor dlm account sy*quote miss syira mw shoping..wait here is the list to do

- after elaun masuk;
>new jeans
>new bag
>shoes* mcm xpyh..minta sponsor FAMA..haha
>new pair of contact lens
>cut hair
>dye my hair*again
-settle of the payment
>yuran*nt la..hahah
plus..enjoy2 d sabah nt.. gt plan olredy..haha
anything i miss???haha..hrp2 la i can spend mym money wisely..
before that..assignment yerh mR. cyc...jgn lupa assignment..jadi rajin sikit la ye..

apa lg mc ckp ne ah??elaun please la ba masuk..besok ah ko masuk..hahahah..dui ba...
ba yalah...assignment luk..haha

Thursday, December 16, 2010

what else i can do is hard..there is no deniable...
hopefully elaun masuk cepat2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1hopefully by tomorrow la..
tlg KPTM..masukkn la elaun kami tomorrow ka
huhu..hopefully before christmas break,,,xda la apa2 big test supaya i can get ready and enjoy my christmas spirit..haha..and also after the break..a week later ka bru start apa2..supaya boleh blend in..haha
can't wait to get back for xmas..hahaha
my foster bro..the oldest one..please comment me...I hope u read diz...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

3rd advent

now its the 3rd advent..2 more weeks before christmas..
lot of things to do
assignments a lil blurred on my legal system assignment
need to find a lot of articles regarding my thesis..haha
take a short break right now from searching articles..huhu...
gt persuasive speech to do and present tomorrow
and i am damn sleepy

Saturday, December 4, 2010

back to college...

2nd week at university done!!!
nay..still a long time to going crazy with all the assignments...but one thing for sure...i can't waiy fir christmas!!!!!!!!!yeah...but b4 dat lotsa things to do at CC with my friend..haha..doing a lil criminal by staying out late..ahax

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