Friday, January 21, 2011

trying to Stand

sometimes i couldnt understand myself..
sangat la suka mencipta intra konflik yg tersendiri
people wouldn't know cy!!!
and they will never know..
dun be such a dumb
expecting for it
budu!!!!!!!!!!konflik dlm diri
ko ingt dorang akan fikir
x ne!!! jgn jadi gyla
as ur friend said: tua suda ko..jgn lae mw merajuk2!!!!
haihz.... 2 la pasal ko selalu down
intra konflik means you are creating ur own probz in ur heart and expecting people to know by your reaction or ur Action!!!!
mow i declared it as stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!
duh!!!!please lah cyc...
now u can laugh by ur own to urself...

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