Thursday, February 11, 2010


huhu..wut else life can be..tryin every single second 2 figure out to overcome my boredom...seems school life is much better..huhu..why i dun hv anotha a job..i wanna hv a job..but i dunno why i am been so dumb NOT 2 grab any vacancies while it is available..cyrill..please..u had a vow 2 yourself!!!!!!!wth???what else can i say..time ticklin so fast...its FEBRUARY ody..then MARCH will shade ma life..da day of my future life destination will lies...SPM RESULT will come freakin scared...huh!!!!!hope i got a flying colours is da time will come that i will be learned to be alredy turned should think like an adult..fade away all away your kids stuffs..let the old memories be bygone....don't care anymore about your so called fosters????they will not be by your side is already come to the end...END cyrill..please...stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are da foolish who still thinking and care about them..but on the other they care about you??do they wish you??do they still in touch with you??....NOOOOOOOO....hence..forget about not care about what?????YOU Live in a LIE 2 been betrayed!okay relax...chill la...apa lg mo sedih2 psl dorang 2..tiada guna ba..dui..cyrill..myself..sedar la...huhu...this is fuck..hell ya..

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