Monday, January 31, 2011

pray for the safety in egypt..

okay..there is conflict in egypt..
news are keep broadcasting the news
i cant contact with my friends in egypt..
the dont have internet connection now..
ow..i am really scared with their safety..
this is never happen friends are there..
in fact my BFF is there..
i did hit him with coment in his blog..because FB already been blocked there...
but, yet, no reply..
recent report from wisma putra tolda that they are doing fine..
so i hope so the are really doing fine..and the latest news i heard they will be transferred out from cairo, egypt..*not very i hope, they will be in safe condition and always in aware..\
ow gosh..i hope they will be saved..and let us pray for Malaysian safety in egypt and also the peace in egypt..hope, all will be fine soon..

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