Wednesday, March 3, 2010

moving on..

nothing much happen went to driving lesson again..better la..much better than the previous one..ahax....ok suda la me practice lg...ahax..bought ice cream shake today...choc marh..sedap..cravin' 4 it..haha..tiba2 pula..lately the weather is too hot...can't stand it..baru dua hari jalan pn can cpot the difference on my like wut care bout skin..haha..yup!really wanna grab sunblock..prevent the uv ray to penetrate more and protect me from harmful rays..well you know..pollution is so surround us right now..haha..woah..wut else wanna is so meaningful..lala...dup dap dup dap....really know why jg kn..hope all the best for me..amen..

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