Wednesday, March 10, 2010

freaking out.terrifying

omg..tomoroow will be 11th march scared...bloggin at this time surely relieve a bit my tension...i am totally scared be honest..spm!!!!!!many people said SPM is most important as it will decide you which path are you heading to...ow...argh...stress...the ecpectations from my family is too high..i can feel it...studying in boarding school will give you a higher expecattaions from your surrounding..i do not say that studying in regular schools are not..but from my point of view as a student.i am studying in boarding i can feel their hopes towrds me are really high..and they expect me to be the best and get a flying colours result...huh!i scared that i can't fulfill the expectations..even the teachers are giving their hopes to us..even the do not want to be insulted by society.."h was studied in boarding school..but result..average ja".ooow i dun want to be like that..dammit..why now i realised all of these stuffz...ow..forgot it..there is no time to regret..the result will be announced in less than 12 hours..all the best for me..hope God will grant me peace and that i can further my study and be an excellent person and contributes to my family.religion and nation..amen...welll.lots of luck..amen..

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