Thursday, March 25, 2010

new post..

wow..long time din post many things happen..continue my driving lesson..draws 2 end..huhu..went back to my school..mrsm kota kinabalu..visited a lot of frenz and teachers...accompany my friend irneza zaihan..haha..hv fun that time..totally have fun ow..ahax..nt next post me cer ok..haha..wut to say went to drive again..4pm suda..ptg tutor pn looks exhausted..then me terus fikir..he penat suda..msT dia bad mood 2..em..btl ne..petang suda da last person he can noe la kn..petang ba 2 suda..haha..learned parking today..ahax..ok la..sama buat latihan 3 penjuru..can do my friends and bros..huhu

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