Wednesday, March 31, 2010

goes on..dilemma..

as usual is my last hour of driving kn time tunggu my tutor 2 pick me up sittin down 2 satu bench diz..terus..ada la 2 mamas ne wif their kids sittin next to me..they are talkin..i had no idea wut 2 they talkin diz 1 of the mums is holding a cup of water..ala..cmna arg..yang drinking water but bukan dlm bottle but dlm satu tmpt yg mcm cup 2..then a sheet of plastic is covered its upper it??huhu.then ba..she was holding that after her daughter is no longer want that..then she threw it away straight to da drain..but..did u noe..the dustbin is provided and the dustbin is not far..less than 30seconds 2 go and return..dui ba..xda kesedaran btl la mo they are not ble tw la kn..em..bahasa dorang 2 pn entah bahasa pa..astga..dui as a sabahan..terasa la ba kn..buang smpah gitu ja..btl la ba..2 dustbin bkn nya jauh pn..huh./.wat to do..ok next..haha..went to litar..bljr bukit..haha..lawak..2 kali me turun blk..x ckp kuat mo naik..haha..but ok la jg..ahax..then gone home..ahax..lalala..notink to do..diz nite is fun..had chit-chatted a lot of la jg..ym-ing with miss sukma..we are talkin no crap..we talkin some adult stuffs..matured huh?? wanna cut hair ba ne..long ody..xtahan dun prefer long hair as me ssh mo kc style.haha..dui..ahax..entah la..such in then..

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