Sunday, December 27, 2009


ON THE 26th of cousin is married 2 my uncle in law niece...haha...
went there as i didn't see them for a long is very unique wedding as it still follow the old is rare to watch this custom nowadays..the bride went 2 our house then the groom wo 2 our house 2 fetch her wife..b4 that the door had been enter the house..the groom needs to play with words like in malay tradition to jual pantun la..haha..and the most interesting is..anyone from the groom's troop that want 2 enter the house must drink a glass of traditional liquor..haha..nice right??ahax...then i knew that the bride was hidden then the groom need 2 search 4 her..haha..after that...they sat on the fllor and be served with some of local delicacies...i dunno wut they called those..then they fed each other..sweet tight..then they headed back 2 their there..we took our usual.then they play gong...the couples had their dance..tribe dance..sumazau..bla2...the traditional alcohol was served...daaa!!!!!!then we went back as no more 2 watched..went back there 8 nite wif my is a santa claus paid a visit 2 da wed...haha...we were there juz a sec..haha..x really lar..then went we r shiverin through da cold wind in damn cold..haha

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