Saturday, April 2, 2011

be strong..:)

xpa la..even though i feel neglected and left out here..
maybe sy yg xpndai bergaul sma org ba..2la smp mcm xkwn ne sy skrg..
boring..2 mmg boring la..sepa ckp xboring..klu suda xkwn kn..
tp ntah la..mcm mna sy boleh teruskn hidup dgn memandang the next day will be more greater xtw..praise to God..em..
mmg sedih la..terasa hati la..klu dorang cerita2 bnda yg d luar pengetahuan sy..dorang xinvite pn sy..xpa ble bt..bukan sy d terima dorang...actually..hidup sy kosong,empty..and sy boleh ckp xkwn yg boleh dengar pa masalah sy..sma share the great and sad hidup secara my quote your live...God always be with pn xtw lg pa mo a true friend/s mmg susah kn..:((((( dying inside..


  1. why? what happened? be strong ya :)

  2. i dunno how to tell you..sometimes im feeling neglected by my new friends....:( tryin my best