Thursday, February 10, 2011

okay fine...

sejak aq dr form 4 la kn..em tmbh2 la sikit..hujung2 tahun da mcm bnyk fikir benda..
*ok fine actually aq xtw the real time is..mcm rasanya form 4 kot..huhu
bg aq kn...LIFE means a lot of things..LIFE is subjective..susah mw describe life kita...
for example..diri pn xtw i lead what kind of life...MANY SCHOLARS quotes life is HARD, life is sacrifice, life is*many things lg la!!! but for my personal view..we have just one life..hidup ne satu kali jax..kadang2 sy rasa kecew dengan diri sy..sebab sy rasa sy telah banyak mensia2kn hidup sy for the past 19years.. banyak benda want to be achieved..but we cannot aim high and tackle all of them in one time..apa lg sy mw ckp ah...pengalaman sy la..xbanyak mana pn pengalaman nmpk la several things yg sy blh fikir sendiri..but i admired one of my friends..his life experienced is so many where he can sees people well..nmpk kita jax..blh tw suda apa..but every person had their own gift from God..thanks be to God..apa yg sy mw ckp..appreciate your life tp ingat..God is there..mcm mna pn we lead our life..we still live under the eyes of our is be a good person..and enjoy life

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