Friday, January 22, 2010


it is 7.55 am gud mornin.diz is da earliest time i woke up so lil'bro didn't goes 2 skul..bcoz he got he staying at woke earlier than usual bcoz t 7am..he ody sit down in front of da tv..stuck with is still cold here..feelin lyk wanna tuck in ma bed under da blanket and coz i can't do dat..i got may to-do's today..bla2...i got that wire 2 be our RO water it is useless anymore coz my mum had bought new water sysytem 2 our house..which is dr.sukida..haha..watever....daa..wut else wanna is still early in da morn..haha..l8r on..i'll be wrote hut happen 2 me on diz particular day

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