Saturday, December 4, 2010

back to college...

2nd week at university done!!!
nay..still a long time to going crazy with all the assignments...but one thing for sure...i can't waiy fir christmas!!!!!!!!!yeah...but b4 dat lotsa things to do at CC with my friend..haha..doing a lil criminal by staying out late..ahax


  1. 2 weeks down, how much longer to go? Oh well, it's good to have holidays in between to make it all easier to swallow. Good job going back to college, keep it up!

  2. weyh..why dun have cbox owh ur blog? got skype ka? lama x chat sma ko ne..ym ka..

  3. my colleges and careers : thank you for the supports..really appreciate it..em..there is long time to go before i end my foundation year in march 2011
    ian : anu..xpandai ba..malas skype my name cyrill clade..huhu...
    my ym