Thursday, November 11, 2010

im feeling down and ALIENATED PLUS SECLUDED

in da middle of da nite, i am clueless..looking through my FB is totally boring and lame...i dunno why, i listening to da song 'love the way you lie' over and over again..then i switch 2 the clubbin rythm which club you cant handle feeling clueless, im full of fonder, i keep thinking bout my brories...there is also something that bothers me..ow how i realised im not such a faithful disciples of been through a lot of sins that i knew those are wrong and sinful, i love you Lord blessed..amen...writing helps me express my self..i think i am so stupid that create my own inner drama...ow gosh...i am lonely, people might see me as a jollyful and happy person, but da reality is i am lonely, nobody wanna chats with me at facebook..nobody wanna text me, nobody wanna greets me, do I the only one yg ingat dorang or memang sy yg in this case, me da one who really search for them..ow gosh..this is______________, memang macam ne ja la hidup yg cr org kasi gembira sma kasi rapat hubungan...dorang xkisah pn sma sy..adei...Tuhan tolong la sy..bantu la tat means, i shud open my heart for love*ow damn...entah la, maybe memang sy org yg terpinggir and type of person yg pigi cr org..ow gosh..patutla org ckp sy ne xpandai malu..klu sy ckp sy malu, dorang heran.pukima jg kn..ow! i shud stop memaki..adeiz..sampai ada org ckp sy ne minta puji ba..pnya men sedih sy, sy pnya character memang mcm 2 la ba kn..entah sorang ja la ne kn yg take care of anybody else..klu cm2 kn.bgs sy hidup sorang2..budu..boring ba dunia!!!!!!!!! Do i really need to show my effort to find bosan suda mcm ne ow,,,mcm kena guna2 jax ba,,kima2,,klu mo tw la kn..chatlist sy kadang smp 60orang kesian kn..sorang pn xchat sma sy..mcm palui ja la ne sy kn..bgs sy delete FB sy FB ne bagus..coz i can easy cr maklumat such as classes and also CSS schedule..i2 la 2 sy blm mw delete FB kesian ow kn me,.kena bt cmne,,damn2..adei xtw lg la cmna mw ckp..nama jax ada sy rasa sy belum jumpa my true friend/ btl pray and hope yg Tuhan akan tolong sy..or memang ada suda cuma sy jax yg xtw...ow Lord,please help OW SY RSA!!!!!!!!!!sy sedih ow dgn hidup sy...xguna ow sy caring sma dorang..ka sy jax yg ego..xmw sms la kunun..xmw start conversation.then terus da lil'devil inside my heart ckp...takkan mesti ko jax kn..haha..dui ba.mcm ada bad and good sides ne on my both sides..

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