Friday, October 22, 2010


after long time i din post anything here in my blog, then tiba2..ada mood plak mw berblogging ne mlm..haha..
ok all my followers i wolud like to apologise for doesnt has the intention 2 sorry ok..its been a long time..really very2 long life had changed a lot..yes!!A lot. no doubt about that,,
being a student..well..a university student title!!DUh*..haha
landed on da course that i never dreamed of 2 be..then fly away from east to the almost west of be in da middle of the chaotic life..huh!!!
i dunno how i can changed my self from a bit to a massive changed in these 5 months or more...see..during i was staying in shah alam..i never grab the chance to update my blog..on the other hand when about 8 months ago, i was thinking blogging is such an opportunity for me to express my feeling then it turned down,!!!...dear my blog..u had missed a lot of things that i should shared with you..haha..

well the real point i am writing here is.ok blog i know u noe..yap!!!
im been depressed again...for such along time also..i nvr suffer from this kind of feeling since during the post spm hols before..but then..being such alone in this long sem break makes me, i think fall into the depression again.. such have a feeling that they dun take care of me again., they dun want to know about me.they had the bad feeling..hence, i intend to deactivate my FB..but well, this is yet not a crucial circumstance, but i already took the baby steps where i dun log in often to my FB, but just look through the notifications via my email where i still can take a glance on what happen in my FB..i dunno.u noe that mr. blog, that feeling that we've been shared through ages i can conclude here..PEOPLE IN FACEBOOK, THEY REALLY LET ME DOWN, IM TIRED OF IT,.plus all the brories made me sick..ok im feeling so guilty to tell it here, but i dun care..well, i think i had spent about rm 100++ to buy them for their souveniers..which is not a cheapskate materials but things that I dun have for this karma?? i just hope my karma is!!!!!!! These already been destined by our Lord Jesus, praise to Him,im trying very hard*ok not too hard* have them back especially the eldest which is____________________okay i dunno what is the right word..but..duh!!!it just a piece of shit..i cant stand it anymore..the world makes me is such a tough life for me..i cant barely stand and defeat it!!!! The circumstances that i've been through make my self creates his own drama and own stupid mens rea..ow this is totally crap..i bullshit my self..i dunno..i've been bundled it for my own to take it alone and swallow it..but thanks be to God..i can digest it very well..where i digest it to pieces and let i can move its sucah a long entry..well is a treat for my so-not-updated-blog..haha..okay..till then..