Monday, January 11, 2010

loooong time...

omg..its been a long time ody dat i've nvr been blogging..
so many dramas n things happen surrounds me..
huhu..lets me tellt you 1st..i am oledi turned 18th last wednesday..january 6th 2 be exact.. early kan./.
went 2 da town..haha..keningau frenz owez making fuss if we said went 2 keningau town..ahax..met wif some of my hi'skul frenz..nick n olga..went 2 da shop named..honey sweet chicken rice 2 celebrate my bday der...but..b4 dat..went 2 da bakery..n i treat them by nuying diz 4 cupcakes..haha..juz dat spm leaver can afford..after ol'..its juz cost rm 8 total ol..haha...then we went 2 da shop dat i refer earlier...i ordered drumstick chicken rice..nick..fried chicken rice while olga..wantan mee...haha..after we ate ol or delicious meal ..we enjoyed our cupcakes or my bufday cakes..haha..funny rite..then..went 2 diz shop 2 had some refreshment..haha..went 2 kbox..ahaxx..juz olga n i that nick shy2 cat lg dy..haha
then..jalanb2 jap..then we went back..haha..after me arrived at followed lg my mum pg pekan..haha..had my bufday hair cut..haha..dunno y..juz 2 keep my hair in neat kot..huhu..then go take my cake at da bakery..
yummy..choc mousse cake ka nama dy 2..haha..
datz nite clbr8 wif my fam at haus..then me open my fb prof..surprisingly..bunch ofg wishes had sent 2 nice ol of da people datz wished me..may god bless them frenz also wished me through nice of them..sadly..diz 3 peple dat i hope that they will wish me apparently do not woshed me.. im freakin sad..wuawua..biarlah..let them..who cares...
okla..juz dat 4 diz tym..will cbe continued soon..

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